DIY Feeder/Waterer

5 gallon horizontal nipple waterer. The horizontal nipples can be bought on Amazon.


No waste feeder. You can use many different containers for these, I have a five and seven gallon bucket set up. Here is the thread link for the DIY feeder.


INSIDE the bucket with the elbows, the lid is off for the picture, I use a gamma lid.

I use something similar to this. Not my picture. Google "5 gallon chicken waterer" for lots of ideas.

I got my 5 gallon water containers from the dump (3) and one from the side of the road. If dented, fill with water and drop from 6" to pop the dents out. Works like a charm.

The feeder uses the 3" PVC 90 degree elbows. They work great. I put 6 around a 5 gallon bucket with a screw lid. Friction fit only. Had to silicone them to keep the water out. My feeder sits out in run. Easy peasy. Although the hole saw cost $40 and the elbows $4 each. I've made 3 feeders and 2 waterers. So since everything else was free, call it $6-10 each?

Utube will have a bunch of videos too. Plan on losing your weekend, if you utube ideas...

Cheers, best wishes and welcome.
Awesome ideas. I like to be able to feed all the chickens all at once. We made up several feeders out of vinyl gutter material, cut to 3 feet length and capped with untreated cedar
to form feed troughs. We also made legs to hold the troughs out of the litter.

They are sadly coming to the end of their utility. Any other suggestions?

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