DIY greenhouse build, question on fiberglass

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    Mar 25, 2014
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    During this winter we're building a 30'x16' greenhouse to contain our AP grow beds, a deep water raft system for leafy greens and shrimp and a few soil beds for larger plants. We've been back and forth between pouring concrete or a wood flood and have decided a wood floor will be the easiest and least expensive. So now we can't decide on what fiberglass covering to use. There is clear, smoked and green. The wife lady likes the green for some reason and I like the clear for more natural light. If any of you that have built a greenhouse has used the green or smoked covering would you mind letting us know how well/poorly it did with letting in light? Did your plants do well/poorly?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Nov 10, 2010
    I used a greenhouse plastic and it held up to hail, snow and 60 mile per hour winds for over 4 years. My neighbors used 8 mil plastic from Home depot and it lasted until the 80 mile per hour winter wind gust ripped it apart.
    This is the poly cover that I used.
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    We've used this product to create a roof in the coop, a roof over the tractors and also in the garden for use in cold-frames.
    I put clear over the southern half of our coop roof, the smoked over the northern half of our coop roof. The clear is the brightest one - it really lets in the light. The smoked is darker than it looks, even in full-sunlight. Which might be good depending on how you desire to use your greenhouse. We decided against the green, as neither of us wanted a green-tint to our lives while we were working in the spaces.
    How did we determine this in the store? We took one piece of each - stuck them in the shelving in the store so the pieces stuck out over our heads, so the light was similar for all samples. We then stood and debated in the aisle for at least 25min, maybe date at Menards one Friday night! LOL! And yes, the green really did give off a green tint....wasn't pretty to be under for any length of time to our eyes. (now for a side wall, sure...but not roof!)
    Hope this helps!
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