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May 21, 2017
Please help! We are new to hatching and are on our second batch of eggs with a new incubator. We have had two faulty dimmer switches now. Our incubator has cooked the eggs to 103.1 with 44% humidity. What can I do to save our eggs until new dimmer is put on within a few hours? We put eggs in after stabilizing at 11pm last night. Eggs have not been in there for more than 24 hrs.


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Mar 27, 2012
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Do you have a heating pad without an auto shut off that you can lay over them for now? Keep it on a lower setting and just make sure the temp is staying okay for them. You can use a water wiggler, either store bought or home made, to put the thermometer's probe in to monitor the internal temps of the eggs to make sure they're correct while you're having to do this.

Next, I would stop using dimmer switches. As you are seeing, they are not reliable at all. Get yourself a wafer thermostat or something similar. If you're intimidated by the wiring to do that, get something like a reptile temperature control box (like this) or something like this. It will be much more accurate.

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