Dizzy newly hatched


8 Years
Dec 16, 2011
Tri-Cities Tennessee
I hatched some d'uccles the other day and there was one little straggler.It's a blue mottled that was nearly 3 days late hatching and only made it out with a lot of help. Well he is out and dry, but he can not stand up like the others. He holds one foot sideways, but the toes don't look curled like I have seen on other chicks, it just seems weak. He also acts dizzy, if he was a dog or cat I would say possible inner ear issue and equilibrium problems. He shakes his head a lot and holds it sideways or wobbles it from side to side. I lean him up in a sitting position to try to get him used to being upright and maybe make him strengthen his leg. I got him to drink a little bit and gave him a bit of boiled egg. I am getting another brooder light today(all my backups are already in use) and separate this guy to his own ICU. His colors are different from the other blue mottled that hatched, he is very special to me and he just has to pull through. He hatched yesterday which was also the day that my sweet Teddy dog of 18 years was put to sleep.
Please help me figure out what I can do with him, he is not just another chick to me.

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