Dizzy Silkie?

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    Sep 27, 2011
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    I have a 3month old black silkie whom has developed a strange twitch. S/he will twitch its head more so when pecking or shreading food. I'm trying to get a video to post. It seems to be getting worse since I got the chick. S/he eats and poos fine, is 2nd on the totem pole and seems happy. It's kinda like a when an ice skater spins and athey keep a focal point. I hope you all get what I'm discribing. I will try to get a video soon.

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    Whenever any one mentions a silkie who is dizzy or sort of twists its neck, I think of a condition called wry neck. I have not personally treated a chicken with this problem, but I have read about it on the forum and heard that silkies are more susceptible to the problem. Do a search on the forum to see if descriptions sounds similar to what you are seeing. I have read that it can be treated. If it doesn't seem to fit the symptoms, it is a good thing to know about if you have a silkie anyhow.

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