DNA Sex Testing for Silkies???

Thank you EweSheep.
Hummm $19.50. Interesting. I couldn't find silkies or chickens in the breed list though. Maybe I missed something.

I saw an ad that was interesting also. It was a detector that can detect heartbeats in an egg.

Chicken is in there, just under "chickadee".
Hmm...this might be useful for people who breed the high price malaysian serama in Malaysia. I know some of the roosters in the winning bloodlines can be worth thousands of dollars.
Know if time passes enough and they invent a cheap home kit for say $100 dollars with supplies being cheap and a high accuracy then chicken people will be intrested.
I thought chickadee was a little flying bird. LOL I really don't know much about bird breeds.

The only advantage that I can see to doing it, is for people that really want to raise up unsexable breeds (like silkies) from chicks and aren't allowed to have roosters. I can wait the 4 or 5 months to figure it out. The guessing game is fun when they are growing.

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