DNA Sexing - Where do you recommend. Please post website Address:

Me too, although I found another I am going to try..
unless your birds are super valuable that is a lot of $$$

I am sure that about a year ago I saw it being offered for about $1
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You are not talking about DNA sexing then. DNA sexing is about as close to 100% accurate as you can get and it has cost in the $20-$25 range for literally about the last 10+ years. You never would have seen it for a $1.
Phage a 1$???...I can flip a coin too but I only charge .50$ LOL I see a huge need for a new business here! hahaha love you Phage!
You want find anyone cheaper that 20.00 to 25.00 a bird. I use Avian Biotech. I have seen that ad before to for 1.00 and it a scam there is no way to do dna testing for 1.00 he was getting sample in and guessing what sex they were and send them back he had a 50/50 chance of being right but when you send in two samples from the same bird and it come back a pair something wrong this is how he got busted and most bird magazine want put his ad in anymore.
Well, let's see. What is involved?

The sample, the lysis buffer (cheap), a pile of various plastics (semi cheap), protinase K (kind of "cheap"), a heat block to keep at 55c (5K), some ethanol to precipitate the DNA (cheap), centrifuge that can do 10k+ RPM, some clean ddH20 (15k for a new system), primers for the sex chromosome (really cheap), a pcr machine (5k), a gel running set up (a few hundred). Averaged over time, over head and man hours will be the expensive part, so $20bucks a sample doesn't sound unfair to me. Your small french fries cost 1.29, but you could buy a 10lb sack of potatoes on sale for the same price.

Guess if the company was really high tech, they can use illumina genotyping, but that's $$$ for the facilities.

Edit: Just took a look at avian biotech, looks like they use regular ol pcr to do their testing. Safe, simple, tried and true tested method used for decades. $20-25 is a fair price for the job. Running a lab isn't cheap. I'm actually waiting for a pcr at the moment to finish the batch of genotyping on 92 samples.
I am with you - business is business and everyone has to make a buck. I figured the $1 was not quite right and a post above explains it (thanks).

Just seems hardly worth spending $20 to sex a $25 chick, or even a $50 chick. Totally worth it if you need to sex a very valuable bird or need genotyping for breeding.

I have these run at work and if you have the equipment already sitting there, it not that expensive to run a bunch especially as the technology has moved forward so fast in the last 5 years that they can run a large number of samples simultaneously, hence the rush on genotyping all sorts of animals, plants, tumors etc.

It also means that there is a glut of totally serviceable "obsolete" equipment available for very little$$. University surplus supplies are full of this sort of equipment because new labs starting up naturally want the latest and greatest.

That is a thought........

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