do all hens sing the egg song?

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  1. my hens have been laying since October and not a one of them has ever sung the egg song, i know that's it's nothing to worry about i just wondered if a lot of hens don't sing?
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    Not every hen sings the "egg song". It usually varies. I find that you'll hear it mostly from a new layer, a hen who "stole" a nest from another hen, etc.
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    No, not all hens sing the egg song. Of the ones that do, some are loud and persistent, some are not.

    I’ve noticed that some of my roosters (not all) will leave the flock and go to a hen singing the egg song. He will often mate with her then lead her back to the flock. One theory is that the flock has moved while she was on the nest so she wants to find them. The rooster’s instinct is to mate with a hen that is laying eggs so he is fertilizing a hen that actually lays eggs. The egg song takes care of both of those. But that is just a theory.

    Not all hens sing, not all roosters go to one that does. Each chicken is an individual and will do their own thing.

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