Do all roosters crow?

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    Oct 19, 2009
    I adopted a rogue chicken that was hanging out in a friend's yard. It looks like the 2 standard barred that I have in my flock. It does not crow but it seems quite large and it's comb is bright red. It's comb seems a little large for a hen and small for a rooster. It does not crow but is exhibiting what seems to me to be mounting behavior. I am confused. My chickens are only just starting to lay eggs. The first one I got was quite large and might be from the new chicken. The others have been 2/3 the size of the first egg layed. ????? I know the black star layed one of the eggs and probably two of them. The other two eggs are pink and a pinkish/light brown.

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    All roosters crow. It may be younger than you think OR it may be sick. Though it doesnt sound like it since you said how red its comb is.

    The is a surgery called de-crow, but i highly doubt thats the case.

    But post pics if the comb may be smaller alot of breeds have hens with bigger combs.
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    We have several that do NOT crow.They are not sick..they are smart.Here all know who the King and his successors are and you don't mess with that or...[​IMG] They range in age from 6 months to over a year in the no crow category. Then we have 7 week old's that spend all day perfecting the art of sound...they can't see the Big Man of the place so they think they are all it.
    Does this chicken in question have saddle feathers? It should if it is anywhere near "laying" age if it were a pullet that is..I'm still waiting on my roosters to lay eggs [​IMG]

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