Do any of y'all know what breed these mixed bantams are?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Lucyluvchickens, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Jan 27, 2017
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    Ok so, on Saturday, I went to tractor supply and bought 8 little bantam chicks, only a few days old. They are supposed to be pure bred and "popular" bantam breeds (they are a straight run)
    Can any of y'all maybe identify a few? Honestly I kinda like the surprise, but I also like knowing what they are.
    Thanks y'all, her are some pics:
    This is the first one,

    This is the second one, I am almost 100% sure it's a golden laced Cochin bantam, but still...

    This is the third one, I'm honestly shook on what breed this is, he almost looks like a polish, except not...

    This is the fourth one, I have a feeling it's a d'Uccle, but I dunno.... but isn't she cute?

    This is the fifth one, I dunno if she's a serama or something like that.

    This is the sixth one, he looks like a game bird, is that just me? (His legs look longer in real life lol)

    This is the seventh, I feel like shes maybe a bantam Cochin or brahma.

    This is the last, the eighth, to me she kinda also looks like a serama.

    You might notice that I'm saying "he and she" but I honestly don't know what gender they are-thanks y'all!
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    I would say the ones you're guessing as seramas are really old english bantams as those get supplied to feedstores and seramas dont sadly. That one is defiantly a D'Uccle. 7 is a parteidge bantam cochin and I think you're right on the laced bantam cochin.
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    I agree - seramas, even if they sold them, have wings that point downward. Love the third chick, wish I knew what it was

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