Do any of you buy organic ?


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Mar 5, 2007
For the last couple years I have been thinking about going organic both with my chickens and with a garden i put In.

I'm going to expand my garden to about 1 acre this summer usually feed my family and friends pretty well but thinking about hitting the farmers market and having some fresh watermellon for my ladies.

I was wondering if any of you buy organic and how much are the prices usually ?

any help would be fantastic and I thank you in advance.
I am buying organic chick starter - it's around $20 for a 50 lb bag. The regular layer feed is $18-something.
I did not go with organic because it is to expensive our garden is organic and that is not much of a cost diffrance but the chickens cost allot more to maintain and it is difficult to maintain organicness in emergencies. I buy Leyena "natural" layer feed from Purina and I don't use any chemicals but to label organic your land has to be chemical free for X number of years and also inspected.

Good Luck I think the organic V.S natural or Pature raised is intresting.

Organic is always better. It can be spendy though. Milk is much better if it's organic. I have noticed I get fewer stomach issues with organic or soy milk then I do with regular.
I think grow your own non-organic is much better then store bought organic. Industrial Organic Agriculture is the same as regular industrial agro - the chemicals i.e. (the animals are treated the same & almost Identical pollution) Local is the best

I could go on for hours about this ! Just my Opinion no one get mad!

I go with organic because I can't stand the thought of eating food everyday with pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics and all that other harmful junk in it.

I have access to many organic farms here so it's not that hard for me to find. Sometimes I barter for organic stuff if its expensive. For example, a guy does my taxes in exchange for my organic veggies and chicken eggs that I grow myself.

Last summer I made yummy dandelion wine but only because I was confident that the dandelions in my yard were 100% organic (no sprays on my grass, the only fertilizer is chicken poop). Then I don't have to worry about small kids playing in my yard either. Some kids get sick from lawns or parks that have been sprayed.
my dad buys most things organic, mostly because my mom is allergic the corn and soy ( which is in everything ). You a=can get a lot of it at Fred Meyers, if you look at the discounted stuff you can find organic for a good price. i have started doing that my self. it is not anymore expensive if you get it on sale. that and they don't put all the extra crap in it that is no good 4 u anyway.
I have always raised my garden starting with organic seeds and without pesticides and chemical fertilizers; but don't do strict organic. I do companion plantings to keep pests under control. Am planning on raising the chickens organically, to the extent that it's possible.
Recently a organic family-run dairy farm in a neighboring county began selling their milk in our local market. They sell it in the glass jugs. It's without a doubt the best milk I've ever tasted and I don't mind paying the little extra (about 75 cents) it cost. Their chocolate milk is decadent! Having just found out that what the doctors said was Irritable Bowel Syndrome was actually a serious Vitamin D deficency, I'm in heaven to be able to drink milk again and have it taste so good.

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