Do Any Of You Take Special Precautions During Halloween?


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
I know local humane societies and such won't adopt out black cats 2wks before/after Halloween, but with kids and such doing pranks or not so nice things to animals, especially on what is considered "Devils" night when all the bad stuff happens, do you take precaution in protecting your animals of such thing? I know I plan to bring my ducks in and not allow my cats outside, but wondered if any of you take the same precautions with your animals.
I always have. Cats and dogs inside, chickens and ducks under lock and key. Where we are now we don't encourage anyone coming to the house, too hazardous! So we turn off the outside lights and hole up.
I have 2 outside/inside cats and 1 indoor cat, they will stay in on Halloween. The dogs will stay in, their basically inside dogs anyway. We don't get any trick or treaters anyways. We live about 10-15min out of the main area where everybody goes.
The chickens are locked up (literally) when we aren't home and at night. Their runs are hardware cloth with a padlock on the door.

We sit on the front porch on halloween until around 9pm when most of the groups of kids are done. Then the cats go inside with us and the lights go out.
Hopefully, I am not speaking too quick, but I don't ever have any problems and normally No Trick or Treaters either. one year I had 3, the next year 3 then my neighbor moved and for years I had O..then all of a sudden one night there is a knock on the door and there are 2 kids dressed in costume...I had no candy because I was not expecting them, so I ran upstairs grabbed 2 1970 silver dollars and threw one in each bag..the kids looked at me like I had 5 eyes..that was 2 years ago and no one since. lol
We don't get anyone either, but there are kids in this neighborhood and we live in a 9 house assosiation in a cul-de-sac and it would be easy to do something awful because they have not 1 street light. And some of the kids in this school district are less then desirable. That is why I drive my boys 15min away to a charter school rather then the school that is 3 miles down the road. If I thought "It won't happen" then it will and I'll be kicking myself forever. Besides, my kids witnessed one of the neighbors beating a wild animal, a ground hog to death for no reason other then to do it and it was out and about minding it's own business. And that kid lives a cross the street kiddy corner from us.
I always keep my cats in the day before Halloween, the day of, and the day after, at the very least. The chickens will remain in their spacious chain link run, and the (normally unlocked) doors will have their padlocks on during that time. We haven't had any issues of that sort where we live, but a couple of years ago several families in town had their pets stolen from their yards or porches, and later found out they were being sold to a research lab.

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