Do Australorps Make good broodies?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Huny, May 1, 2009.

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    I have two Australorp hens, and I just wondered if I should let them build a nest and sit on their own eggs. I've been collecting them and incubating them, but just wondering why I"m doing all the work all of a sudden [​IMG] I know my columbian rocks aren't going broody, so that's why I started incubating.
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    I have heard they are pretty good moms...there are several people who have great broody aussies.

    Look in the online show forum here for "broody hen" contest...and do a search for broody australrop you will find info.
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    Hi, in my flock of: 2 BO; 2 Australorps; 1 Ameraucana mix; and 1 Gold sex-link, it is one of my Australorps (Iris) that just went broody for the second year in a row. She is sitting on her second set of eggs .She was a great mom the first time around with 2 chicks and now has ( 8) Bl/Bl Ameraucana eggs I bought from 'Sebright mom'. She should be hatching about the 7th. I guess the others are just happy to watch Iris with her brood.
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    'Lorps are good broodies, but they don't generally go broody just because you leave eggs in the nest. I'd leave some fake eggs or golf balls, and when a hen latches onto them and won't get off the nest, mark a clutch of eggs (use a sharpie, then you'll know which eggs they are when others lay more eggs n the nest, You'll know the blank ones are new and you can remove them) and swap them out with the fakes.

    Not all 'lorps will brood. The ones that do are very good, but they don't all brood. Neither do Orpingtons.

    Dark Cornish are great broodies. Very reliable, good moms. You don't need fake eggs with them, just wait till one won't leave the nest, and growls at you, and pecks you if you reach toward her. Then mark some eggs and give them to her. Remove any new eggs daily. That's it. She'll do the rest.

    Mine peck me the first few days when they get a new set of eggs. Then they get used to it, and just growl a little, they figure out they still have eggs when I'm done, and they're ok with that.

    I stop bugging them on day 20. I don't want to disturb them while actual hatching is in progress. Any new eggs added at that point I just feed to the pets, not until after the hatch is over, and mom leaves the nest with the chicks, and I see what's left in the nest.
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