Do Baby chicks get stressed?

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    I am getting some baby chicks this week (6-8) and my brooder will have to stay in my house bc it's too cold to have them anywhere else, I have large dogs that bark, will this stress my babies out too much? I have had adult chickens, but this is our first year with babies.... Thanks!!!
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    People mistakenly fear that noise is going to stress and maybe kill their chicks. The fact is chickens are mostly indifferent to noise, even loud noise like dogs barking and thunder and heavy machinery, all of which they quickly adapt to.

    What stresses chickens are large, strange objects appearing suddenly in their immediate vicinity. While a dog barking ferociously is unlikely to upset baby chicks, the sudden appearance of a strange dog might.

    Over-heating and chilling, dirty water or lack of, sudden overhead movements such as thrusting your hands down into a brooder, and chasing and grabbing will almost all guarantee stress in chicks. Noise is at the very bottom of the list.
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