Do Barred Rock Rules Apply to Dominiques re:determining chick gender?


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
Jefferson City, MO
I was looking to get back into chickens with a heritage breed, and happened onto my counnty's school chick hatching project coordinator who offered me a crack at some St Run Dominiques. I happily agreed and ended up with 13. I really just want pullets and am going to find another home or frying pan for the cockerels. So I am looking at my 3 week old chicks and wondering if the Barred Rock rules (bigger head splotch, wider feather bars, bigger chicks) apply to Doms, then I only got about 5 pullets. If anyone has Dominique experience, I'd loke to hear from you about sexing and any other interesting info you'd like to share on the breed. From what I'v read, I think these are going to be a great pick for me. I like the less aggressive type chickens, and would love a lap chicken out of the bunch.

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