Do Broody Chickens drink n eat

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    Worried that if I don't get my chicken off the eggs she might die from hydration or hunger , how do you know they ate still drinking and eating if we see her on eggs all the time ? Do people just take the eggs from under chickens ? I feel a bit mean like I'm stealing her baby or something , and are chickens like this all year round ?at first they never sat on the eggs but now they do

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    If a hen is broody she doesn't eat and drink very often. She'll get up once a day for a few minutes to eat, drink and maybe take a quick dust bath and she may skip a day. If you want your hens to hatch eggs for you leave the eggs under them and make sure there is food and water available when they need it. DON'T feed them on the nest as this will cause them to relieve themselves on the nest and broody poops are huge and really smelly. You don't want that all over your eggs!

    If you don't want them to hatch eggs for you you can "break" their broodiness by placing them in a wire cage with only food and water, no nesting materials. This method works quite well and the hens usually give up after 3-4 days. You can take the eggs from her, but she'll steal other hens' eggs and keep trying and she may stay broody for weeks, so it may be better to either "break" her or let her hatch some eggs for you.

    Broodiness is a hormonal thing and can happen anytime, though hens are generally more prone to broodiness in the warmer months.

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