Do chicken KNOW we're taking their eggs


12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
When I walk past my chickens every day with a big see-through basket of their eggs, do they KNOW I'm stealing their precious, just-layed-eggs? What is going on in their little heads?
If I take an egg from under a hen, she stands up and looks all around, even stretching down and in back of her through her legs. She makes a soft "bock?" sound, but their little brains forget about it all til the next time. Silly girls.
Out of sight, out of mind...
(That's why when someone has been missing from the flock for a few days, they're considered a stranger..)

If it's not where they left it, they don't know if it is their own. Now if you ever try to take a broody's eggs and she sees it you have to deal with this -->

lol i try not to let mine see because i feel like im stealing something of theirs lol
I know I certainly felt guilty the first few eggs I took from my girls.
I felt like I was kidnapping their children. However, since I have no one broody, they almost seem to just give them to me, unless they just laid it, in which case I just wait until they get up.

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