Do chickens eat green bean stalks & leaves? Corn stalks?


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Feb 5, 2010
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Time to clean up the garden! Can I give it to the chickens?
I also have pumpkin leaves and vines & zuchini vines.
I can compost the whole lot of it, but if it's edible for chickens I'd rather give it to them.
When I took my garden fence down a few weeks ago I just let em in! We had brussel sprouts, corn, zuchinni, peas, green beans, lima beans, sunflowers, bell peppers, bannana peppers, & tomatoes! My flock made very quick work of it all & everyone is still alive, lol. I hope that helps. If something in there isn't good for them i'm sure someone will let us know!
Mine eat all the bean stalks/leaves any green stuff from garden. Brussel sprout and pepper plants. They do not seem to like corn stalks though.
lol, redfog! That's what I ended up doing! We have a "fence" of marigolds that the chickens just wouldn't pass through so I pulled up a big clump and they filed right in - it was hilarious! They are loving the corn rows and the beans as long as we de-pod them for em.
Lazy girls!

I was done picking beans so I put them back in their yard and rewarded them with a nice fat zuchini! Tomorrow I'll let them in the garden again, thanks for the advice!

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