Do chickens eat the whole sunflower seed and shell?

May 5, 2021
Hello everyone! I gave my girls black oil sunflower seeds for the first time from my hand and half of the chickens were uninterested! I wanna jack up their protein intake during cold new england winter. And, it appears they were trying to crack them open banging them on the ground in the beak! Lol. I then decided to use my coffee grinder and grind the sunflower seeds up and put in their evening meals. Is this strange or unnecessary? Probably…..but i had to ask! The sunflower seeds get lost in the leaves and stuff in the run when i throw them in because they are black and blend in. What do you think? How do you offer your chickens sunflower seeds?


Jul 14, 2021
Molalla, Oregon
Chickens might not be interested in them the first time you offer them some. Some of them will try to crack them open others will leave them whole. Unless they’re pretty big, they should be able to eat them whole. I don’t offer them a whole lot, a couple handfuls a week since they are pretty high in protein. Hope this helped! They should eventually all try it, some might like them others not! ☺️🐔❤️

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