do chickens ever recover from Merick's disease?


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Dec 19, 2012

I have a 6 week old chick that I found looking like this yesterday morning.

She was actually flat on her back and her feet were twitching, here I had separated her from the other chicks and she lay on her side twitching.

Today she is much better:

she is upright, she slept normally last night, she has been upright all day though weak and wobbly, she did a forward summersault a little while ago but other than that she is eating and drinking and seems to be improving. She hasn't been on her back or side at all today.

So my question is, has anyone else ever had a chicken recover from Merick's? What can I expect? (this is totally new to me).


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Jan 17, 2013
I'm so sorry no they do NOT recover from Mareks. the symptoms can actually come and go. while inside tumors are growing. you really need to look up mareks disease on Google. there are different forms of mareks.. there is a eye form or ocular turns the eye blue neurological which causes the paralysis I believe and the tumor form and skin form causing raised bumps on the feather follicles. sadly most Marek's birds will eat yet waste away. its like a chicken CANCER. its HIGHLY contagious and is a airborne disease. I believe they can have Marek's and not show symptoms but be carriers and spread the virus . she might not show symptoms until she gets under stress or other triggers. there are ALOT of people here on this site who know ALOT more about Marek's than me and I'm sure they can be of more help then I can. they have actually been through this. there is a vaccination that can be given to day old chicks BEFORE they are exposed to the virus. however even though they get vaccinated 5% still get Marek's. I do believe the vaccine does prevent the tumors. hope this bit of information helps. some one who knows more can be of a bigger help. I do know its so very contagious!! it can even spread from air. please Google Mareks and read as much as you can! some one else more informed can help you with what you do from here and can help you best. hope I've helped a little. someone more knowledgeable can help you from here. I wish you the best and I'm truly sorry about your bird. I wish you the best.

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