do chickens have nightmares?

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Apr 26, 2015
Rainbow Nation
Its 2 am in the morning and my Roo starts up very loudly. Its pitch black outside and I am lying in my warm bed going thru the options. Can't be food because they have. Maybe they are cold, it is Winter, no, they are very warm. Maybe its a predator, no way its a house with a door, maybe one got in during the day. So I go and check, the night is silent, not a peep all self respecting birds are in their nests, so he is not competing with anything There is not a star in the sky and I am tottering around in the dark. I open the door, put the night light on and there is everyone tucked up in their boxes. Henry opens one eye and looks at me, now I don;t speak chicken yet but that look definitely said 'Hey we're sleeping, go away'.


May 19, 2015
that look definitely said 'Hey we're sleeping, go away'.
Ah, ye olde stink eye. My chickens used to sing phantom egg songs (by the time they were all 4-5 years old and had essentially stopped laying) almost every day. One would start and set them all off.

Once as I was checking (in case it was a predator), I witnessed a hen go through the whole egg laying routine - song and all - with no eggs produced. I guess that doesn't really count as a 'chicken nightmare', but it'd be interesting to see how many other hens do this. Ghost eggs?

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