Do chickens know the difference between white porcelain eggs and brown ones?


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May 28, 2012
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I read all the post my mind can take but I can't get my chickens to lay in the nesting boxes despite the fact that i have at least one or two white porcelain eggs in them. tried several of the suggestions posted on the forum but still no go. They want to lay everywhere but the boxes :barnie

All four of them ( fixen to get 3 more today actually) produce only brown eggs. They just started laying a coule of weeks ago.

So far we caught one of them laying and have not yet figured out who the other one is (only getting two eggs a day so far). Here are my questions for you long time chicken lovers:

1. Do these gals see in color? Maybe they don't recognize the white egg and can sense that its clearly not theirs. Should I go locate fake brown eggs?

2. Any easy way to catch a chicken producing an egg? We caught one of them by chance only so we know for sure she is one of the layers but don't know yet who else is laying. Im thinking with four hens we should see at least three to four eggs a day right? All the hens are 30 weeks old by the way.

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The color of your fake eggs should not be an issue. I put golf balls in the nesting boxes when I was training mine.

I wonder if there could be another reason they are not using them...? Placement, bedding etc... Where are they laying?
Yes, chickens see in color. However they know what an egg is (even if its a golf ball, LOL) and they will lay by each others eggs, brown or white.

To catch a laying hen you can do a few things. However the best one is simply look at their faces. The ones with the red faces are most likely laying, however the pale faced ones are not going to be laying. Simply as 'dat. .

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