Do Chickens LOVE hurricanes???


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Aug 21, 2012
I live in PA and we had hurricane Sandy blast through here last week. We escaped the major damage that our neighbors have in NJ but we still have many homes without power. We had a lot of trees come down and take many, many power lines down with them. Enough of that- The reason for my question: I let my girls out in the run the morning of the storm. It was not raining yet but the wind was just starting to pick up and it was moderately warm, I would say around 60 degrees. I figured they would go in when it got bad out but they did not. The wind picked up with 60MPH gusts and it started to rain. By 6pm they looked like drown chickens but I swear they were lovin it. They would not go back in the coop and seemed to be having a good old time in the wind. When it got dark they finally went in for the night. A week later they seem fine. I was worried they may become ill from being soaked but I guess not. Next time I wont open the coop door unless everyone thinks it is ok that they get soaked. I guess chickens in the wild get wet to during a storm but what the heck do I know- I am a totally new at this chicken keeping business!


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My chickens are fair weather ones! They very much disliked the wind from Hurricane Sandy and stayed up in their coop. They don't mind getting a little wet in the rain, normally. But once the wind whips up, they head indoors.
Deb- Fair weather chickens or smart chickens? My chickens are just a bunch of bird brains!
I live in Jackson, NJ, and our county was the third worst county in the state when it came to power outages. As the sky darkened and the wind and the rain picked up, all my hens were huddled under the coop in the run. I started to panic, then went outside and threw them 1 by 1 into the coop. I'm happy to say that my RIR, still cranked out an egg, despite the wind and the rain.

My coop.
Your side of the river got it horribly and I sympathize with you and all of your neighbors. I wish everyone in NJ a speedy recovery from this mess.

If cranking out eggs is an indicator then I am good because I have 6 hens and have had 5 and 6 eggs everyday. No interruption in laying at all. I really think they enjoyed all the wind and rain. I guess I have a weird flock of birds!

Love your coop Robo- It looks great. I hope to make mine much bigger in the spring. I like the height you have and being able to enter through a full sized door.


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