Do chickens perform courtship rituals?

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    About 12 weeks ago I bought 3 black silkie hens at an auction. I was not really wanting the eggs, but I hoped that they would be good broodies and mothers next spring. Two days ago one of the hens began to crow; I have read that silkies are very difficult to sex when young, so I wasn't too surprised. This morning I watched him 'squaring up' to one of the other silkies; he confronted the other one beak-to-beak, stood up as far as he could and flapped his wings, the other silkie doing exactly the same back to him. He then repeated the performance with the third silkie. My first thought was that what I had was three roos, but then I thought that some wild birds, such as the great-crested grebe, indulge in this mirroring behavior as part of a courtship ritual. Does any one have any insight into this please?
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    That isn't a courting ritual, but a pecking order dance. With the rooster becoming mature he wants to be sure the others see him a the top rooster.
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    Ah, thank you. I may get some broodie hens yet!

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