Do chickens snore?

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    May 5, 2010

    Sprinkles (mille fleur d'uccle hen/pullet) is a very sweet and tame little chicken that I've had for about 4 months or so. I have her sister, poppyseed, too. They were supposed to be POL but neither have ever laid an egg. Both have always been very healthy and sweet (I LOVE D'Uccles!!!). About 3 weeks ago, when my 7 yr old niece was up from FL), said niece accidentally stepped on Sprinkle's foot/leg. Nothing felt broken and she has NEVER shown any signs of being in pain when examined (multiple times). She has been in her own dog kennel in the coop since the accident. She eats and drinks and was hobbling around but kind of dragging her foot/leg. She cannot use her toes to walk/grip and has no reflexive movement in toes or lower leg although she is able to move the leg (a tiny bit) at the hip joint.

    Today when I went out she was not using her other leg much either and was laying on her side. She had managed to get covered in her food (don't know if she tried dustbathing in the food dish or what) so I researched how to give her a bath (Love BYC) and just got done giving her one. She was a champ and is now wrapped in a towel on my lap as I am writing this. She is doing this very quiet whistling/snoring noise occasionally while she sleeps. She does NOT do this when awake. She had managed to get some food in her nostrils (prior to bath) and I cleaned this with dry q-tips.

    Did I inadvertantly clog up her nostrils by pushing some into her nasal canal or can chickens snore? Again, she is NOT making this sound when awake, even when mouth is closed.

    I know I should probably put her down (cuz of the leg) but I REALLY don't want to. I don't think she is in pain, I think she suffered nerve damage and that leg is now paralyzed. Is there any way for her to live a happy life as a house chicken? If so, how do I broach this subject with my husband?
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    I dont think they snore but when we hold ours and nuzzle them its like they almost purr and love it!
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    May 5, 2010
    I've never heard a chicken purr- does it sound alot like a high pitched quiet whistle?
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    Tell your husband the truth and how you feel about it. I've checked on my hens in their house at night on occasion and heard what sounds like a twill or cooing. I know they're sleeping good when I hear that. My 1 year old Black Star had an accident similar to yours but in only one leg and she hobbles around just fine and still lays eggs. She cant roost/perch neither. I keep her in the hospital cage in the garage and she is well pampered and tame. One thing that might help your hen is vitamin B complex tablets which can be bought at a pharmacy. Get a few of the tablets and crush them into a powder and sprinkle it in her feed. Keep doing it for about a week and see if there's any improvement. I also recommend adding poultry nutri drench to her is loaded with vitamins and minerals (except vitamin B) and should help strengthen tendons, muscles etc...Stop the nutri drench after 3 might cause diarrhea. I had a Salmon Faverolle pullet that walked on her hocks mostly and gave her the above treatment and 2 weeks later she was walking normal with no issues.

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