Do chickens throw up?


10 Years
Feb 7, 2009
ft. worth
I was filling feeders yesterday and heard one of my chickens throwing up. Or at least thats what it sounded like. When i went around to check on them there was a couple of fairly large wet spots in the run. I couldn't tell which one it was and none seemed to be different. I'm wondering if it just drank too much water(i had just filled the waterers). There didn't seem to be any solids and the liquid just looked like water. Anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance.
I have experienced this before awhile back and everything turned out fine. It might just have been from them drinking too fast. There should be nothing to worry about unless it happens continuously.
My week-old EE chick threw up the other day - a visitor was holding her and suddenly the chick projectile-vomited

We could only surmise that perhaps she was being held too tightly?

She has seemed fine since then. Not sure about the visitor, though - she will probably never pick up another chicken.
I don't know if they actually throw HEAVE purposefully LOL, but I think often if their crop gets squished, stuff will just come back up. I'm betting the person holding the chick probably squeezed her a bit too tightly.

One of mine did it once when she'd just been eating/drinking and got all excited about something and ran. Kind of like little kids if they run around too much right after eating a big meal or drinking a lot. LOL
Chickens don't technically regurgitate, unlike other birds. However, if they have a soured crop or water and are picked up or excited, they will fling crop contents out of their crop.

If the bird is making a noise like throwing up and opening its mouth I'd make sure to rule out gapeworm or a foreign object.

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