Do cochins fly?


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Jul 8, 2010
I had always heard cochins don't fly. I have even heard they are unable to fly.

I got several cochins for adding to my flock so that I wouldn't have to worry about them flying over the fence and my Great Pyrenees killing it. (He thinks chickens are playthings)

Well, today one of my 3 month old cochins was in the back yard. It had gotten over the 48 inch pasture fence, that has a hotwire 4 inches above the fence. So it got over 52 inches of fence. I am so disappointed. It had to have flown over the fence?? And yes, my GP had a hold of it by it's feet. My husband yelled and got the bird just as Jasper was getting ready to shake it side to side (like he does all his toys)

This is one of the websites that say cochin chickens do not fly and they also say a two foot tall fence is all that is needed to keep them confined.
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Feb 18, 2011
My Cochins apparently never read that website either. Cochins can fly, pullets about as well as any regular heavy breed standard breed, but old mature ones are not very good at it and are not inclined to it. It would also depend on what strain they are. Show birds are a lot more extreme (bigger, fluffier, a lot heavier) than most hatchery birds so would not fly nearly as well. I still could not imagine a two foot fence could keep one in that wanted out.

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