Do d Uccle Bantam have five toes?? Only on 1 foot. Updated pics!!!


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Apr 23, 2011
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We got a bantam from Atwoods and I am almost positive that they get their chicks from Ideal Poultry. My husband noticed that one of the feather footed chicks has 5 toes. I know it is not a Silkie, because I have 2 and they look nothing alike. I am not sure what they all are and I have 14, so I am not really gonna try guess them all right now. I am taking it one by one, and this is 4. ( I have decided I have 2 black Japanese and a bantam silver laced wyndotte ( although that one I am still questioning...) I had decided it was a Golden Neck d Uccle Bantam, but now I am not sure because of the five toes.

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I agree with the previous post. Dorking, Faverolle, Houden, Sultan, and Silkie Bantams all have five toes. Do any of these fit or could it be a mixed breed? Post a picture if you can!
I have no idea what age the things are. I got 14 of them from Atwoods because 1 had so much poo caked to it's back side it had trouble walking. I was angry and bought all 14 so I could take care of them
My husband said I was crazy.
The AM told me the chick had been like that for several days had had been just fine. It was 2 days later before it started to eat again... I should note, this is not that chick. Just one of the 14. The poo covered chick is doing fine, and is stating to grow body now, and is catching up to its wings...

I think it is somewhere between 3 and 5 weeks old, though. It does have little spur nubs, and I really don't care if it is a roo or not... I would prefer hen. I already had 5 bantams, then I bought the 14 more... Plus the 3 BR, 4 PR, 1 cochin, 9 JG, 5 EE, 2 Pekins, 2 Mallards, and 3 Guineas... Oh an some packing peanuts I am pretty sure are white leghorns...
That is odd....should not really have spur at that young age...and the other foot does not have that "5th toe" there any chance it could be a deformity???
Yeah.. I am really thinking deformity. I guess I will have to wait and see. Most of my chicks have the little bumps where the spurs go at around 3 weeks... My husband and I have a tendency to raise strange animals...

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