Do Day-Olds have WING FEATHERS already??? -pics


10 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Asheville, NC
I just got my very first (YAY!) batch of chicks yesterday from McMurray. Everyone was a little shaken up, and there have just been a few pasty butts, but otherwise everyone is happy and bouncing around, and no deaths (knock on wood). They all seem to be eating and drinking, so PHEW.

However, I noticed that my 3 "Americanas" (I know they're just Easter Eggers), are a bit larger than the others. We got RIR, Buff Orps, Blk Aussies, and Barred Rocks. I'm wondering if it's possible that McMurray sent EE chicks that were a day older than the other breeds? The BO's are quite tiny, and definitely all fluff. But what gave it away was that the EE's have feathers already developed on the tips of their wings. Some of the RIR's do as well. Do they hatch this way?

I'm just curious. I had a wonderful first time experience mail-ordering chicks, and I'm just over the moon with them right now

Here are some fuzzy pics. They're not great, but you can kinda see where the feathers are on her wings:



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