Do ducks have heart attacks??


Apr 23, 2019
Michigan Thumb
I know. I imagine all living critters can. But...dang! I think one of my Pekins did!

They were all happy in the pool. Doing their normal things. I watch them close because sometimes things get kinda rough. But nothing crazy yesterday. I ushered them out so the little ducks could have their turn. Again no signs of any issue. Less than a minute later, while I was still just 6 feet away, I saw one stumble from the corner of my eye. Looked over and he tried to stand but fell the other way. Then onto his belly. I got to him as he spread his wings to balance then they slowly folded back against him and he went limp. JUST LIKE THAT! It took place in less than 30 seconds! He was gone!

I waited over an hour after I got him to the house to see if some bizarre paralyzation took place or idk...he miraculously would come to but...nope. That was terribly shocking and heartbreaking. I am pleased he did not suffer but WHAT THE HECK?! :confused::hit
So sorry for your loss, :hugs

As @Miss Lydia already said, a necropsy is the only way to know what the cause of death was. But to answer your questions, yes, ducks can have heart attacks, but there are other things that can cause sudden death too. As for what to look for, I am not sure what one would look for.

If something like this happens again, and you want to know for sure what the cause of death was, refrigerate until ready to ship, call your state lab and get instructions for getting necropsy done.

This is a list of labs by state:

To have a necropsy done, refrigerate until you are ready to ship or deliver. If none of the labs are close, call and ask them if you can use their FedEx account number as this will save you money. Also ask them for packing instructions.

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