Do ducks stop chickens laying?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I was told today that my ducks may stop my chookies from laying.
    They havent laid for 3 weeks now.
    I guess it may be true??
    Has anyone else had this happen.
    My ducks freerange 24/7 and the chooks are locked in at night only but do freerange all day.
    the ducks are 2 white mallards, a drake and duck.
    6 mths old.
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    I have ducks in with my chickens, and have not had any problems with teh girls laying? I have never heard taht before!
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    I don't understand what you are saying or asking.

    6 mths old.

    Is this the age of your chickens or your ducks? Were the birds laying eggs and then stopped?

    I was told today that my ducks may stop my chookies from laying. They havent laid for 3 weeks now.

    It is an old wives' tale that ducks will prevent chickens from laying.

    If your hens were laying but have stopped for 3 weeks now, you should check out the situation.
    -Are there enough nesting areas for your birds. Maybe the chickens are laying elsewhere because the nests are crowded.
    -Are the chickens laying but eating the eggs?
    -Are the chickens laying but a predator is eating the eggs?
    -If the chickens have gone broody, they may be hiding their eggs for nesting.
    -Are the chickens going through a molt?
    -Are the chickens in good health? If they aren't healthy, they won't lay eggs.


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  4. Thankyou,
    i must apologise, i was very tired last night.
    Firstly the 6mths is the age of the ducks.

    My doctor has chookies and he is the one that told me that ducks "can prevent chickens from laying"
    It probably is an old wives tale however it may make some sense as the ducks are the bossy ones.

    The girls have just come out of moult, but friends of mine have lots of eggs, it is autumn here.
    The girls are all very happy and healthy and i have never had this before in 16 years. which is how old my oldest girl is!!!
    I would say that the girls are scared of those naughty ducks!!!
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    I have 59 chickens and 8 ducks together. Only about 30 are egg laying age right now and I get between 16 and 20 eggs a day.
  6. well its been nearly 2 months now and still no eggs from 2 layers! I have only 5 hens and 1 roo.
    1 hen is 16 "goldilocks" so i cant expect any from her!
    1 hen " Blackie should be laying!
    1 banty should be laying
    1 banty is still too young
    1 banty is playing mum to easter hatch!
    Now I really think the 2 ducks are bullying them!
    Ill try to block the end of my big yard off and make them a duck paddock.
    Perhaps if the ducks were bought in as ducklings i wouldnt have this problem!
    Fluffy the mama bantie has 3 females and 2 roos! cant wait for the little hens to grow and provide some googies too!

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