Do females mature earlier?


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10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
In late April I purchased three adult guineas. They were "supposed" to be 8 months old and 2 girls and a boy (based on physical features, I do think it's a trio)

Finally, within the past week I have started getting eggs. I find one every day or two (they are still caged, for now) but the eggs are unfertilized.

Do females mature faster? or Is there any other reason that one female would lay and another getting the same care and in the same condition wouldn't? And that they'd be unfertilized?
I have no clue. But I had the same thing happen early this spring with my young ones. But about the mid to end of April thing pick up and now we are running at 100%.
A breeder told me that the cocks take a bit longer. He also tells me that the cocks need higher temp and daylight to get them interested. My first eggs this year had very low fertility. The ones I just found are about 90 %

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