Do fertile eggs spoil sooner?

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    I am looking for more reasons to kick roosters off the female flock as I am aiming for eggs only from my white leghorn hens. We've discussed egg-production in a previous thread and the majority agreed that the presence of a rooster doesn't boost egg-laying and some said it rather lessens it especially with very aggressive roosters. Now I am looking for more evidence before I give my rooster a divorce certificate. Do fertile eggs spoil sooner than infertile eggs? If they do, then marriage is dissolved.:hit
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    No. Whether there is a blastoderm or blastodisc present doesn't affect how long an egg will last.
    If there aren't enough hens per rooster, the mating stress can slow egg production.
    A rooster's primary jobs are to fertilize eggs and protect his flock. Additionally, they find food for the hens in a free range situation. They also tend to keep the peace in a flock.
    If you have a problem rooster, he needs to go. If he isn't causing problems, he needs to stay.
    If your hens live confined in predator proof accommodations 24/7 you may not need him.
    My flocks all free range every day. The roosters have saved the hens countless times. Sometimes by giving themselves up, but mostly by taking care of the predator by taking down a hawk or scaring off smaller predators.
    I find that large Mediterranean breed roosters are excellent flock protectors.
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