Do frillbacks make good pigeons? whats the best pigeon?

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    I am EXTREMELY new to pigeons, got my first pair two weeks ago, two Birminghams and they haven't even nested or laid yet but our friend has told us in a few months they're gonna try to get a pair of frillbacks for show (which is the reason I am keeping pigeons, for showing c: ) But do they make good pets? Are they friendly? Easy to handle? They'll be part of my 4H pigeon project and so I need easy to handle, easy to show, easy to keep pigeons. DO the fills ever cause problems? Do they usually have attitudes or anything? What are your frillback experience?

    And what in your opinion what breeds make the best pet/showing pigeons?
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    I have never owned frillbacks, but I've had a lot of breeds in my loft over the years and I've done my share of showing. In my experience, the pigeons are reflection of how much time you spend with them, though some breeds aer more flighty than others. For example, my dad used to breed and show english pouters, and that's a breed which is super fun because you can literally train their "show posture" and are in general very docile, friendly and easy to get along with. He taught some of them to fly to his shoulder and so on. The problem is that they are extremely difficult to keep and breed.

    At the moment I have show homing pigeons, I like them because they are very sturdy, easy to keep, they come in almost any color imaginable and they are good parents. I don't put much work into them, but they aren't flighty by nature and with little time spent with them I could catch and handle them with no problem.

    Anyhow, I believe you should just go for the breed you like, and even if you can't handle them from the start, next generation should be better if handled from the start.
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