do gape worms pass in poop?

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    May 13, 2010
    I have been going through a trial with one of NN - took to vet - (says he does chickens but not so sure) said he could not find evidence of gape worm or trach (?) mites but since no discharge and her lungs sounded clear then she might have work. Did say that her trach was irratated (so was I when I got the bill) and suggested antibiotics and worming. (which I already had been recommended by you guys) Explained flock is organic and I HATE the idea of NOT knowing what it is being treated especially with antibiotics (that's how super bugs get started). Needless to say he was then quick to end the appt and told me I was free to call if I felt I wanted to try the antibiotics and wormer.
    I see no evidence of worms in anyone's poop, my girl is beyond active (tried to fly up and roost on sink) hates being alone. Wanted to wander around the bathroom where she is convalescing and very interested in her world.... so not sounding like IB or other illness.

    So I guess my question is do gape worms pass in stool? Is it possible that she DID eat something that irrarted her throat? like Ice Melt?

    ps I did try the throat swab thing x2 - saw no red ys or anything.
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    FYI: Chickens can have worms without you seeing them in their poop. By the time you see a few of them in their poop, that means there's literally hundreds of worms inside them laying thousands of eggs to be deposited on the ground.
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    good to know
    thanks for the link but it had the same info I already had - I guess I will have to REALLY try and get to let me look at her throat.
    She is loosing interest in eating (ok pre-occupied iwth her digs and exploring) and drinking. HEr poop is green (likely due to poor intake) I pics but can't figure out how to upload.
    Think she may be sloughing something.
    I contacted the State Vet to see if NH is having a Respitatory Epidemic - maybe free vet advice.

    Thank you all for you help.[​IMG]
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    Did the vet check a fecal sample for internal parasites? Gapeworm eggs can be seen in fecal samples.
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