do golden lakenvelders have blue ears?


11 Years
Apr 18, 2008
I have been looking for gold lakenvelders and found some at a auction and need to know if they have blue ears like silkies or not if not then does anybody sell gold lakenvelders eggs or chicks from good stock? will try to get pics up tomorrow.

Thanks ladywolfe
The standard for lakenvelders says white earlobes. I have found that alot of white earlobed females hatch with blue in them. From what Jean Robocker said about the blue in earlobes of the dutch bantams is that when you mate a female with blue in the lobes to a male with some red in his white it will produce good white earlobed chicks. To me it makes it seem like its 'pure' white. We had some light brown phoenix with blue lobes and when mated to a red earlobed cock most of the chicks hatched with white lobes.
My silver-spangled hamburgs all have a pretty, light-blue earlobe. Not dark, like a silkie, but definitely not quite white either

Maybe Ladywolfe has golden penciled hamburgs instead of golden lakenvelders. Time will tell. Pics would help

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