Do hens fight with their feet?

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    I have a 10 week RR that I thought was a hen (I bought it at a local feed store as a day-old, and they all were supposed to be pullets). I have kept it separate from my other hens because they are several weeks older and kept trying to kill the chick.

    Anyway, they do spend time in the yard together, which is helping with the assimilation of the RR. Usually though, the hens still manage to intimidate the RR. As the RR is getting older and bigger, she has been braver and not so easily pushed around [​IMG] Yesterday while they were out in the yard, the RR stood her ground and then jumped and stuck her legs out to push the other hen with her feet. I thought this was something only roosters do!

    So, is my RR "girl" really a boy?

    Thanks for any insight!
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    My hens fight with their feet. I think all chickens do, its all the have going for them in the ring.
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    They are pretty good at using that beak too. [​IMG] Especially the broody hens.
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    "But do they have large talons?" [​IMG]
    Nepolian Dynamite...

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