Do hens get jealous of broody hens?

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    We have a Jersey Giant hen who has decided to set on her eggs. I have been offering a few eggs near her clutch. She proudly & gently adds them to her nest. Looks like the 29th & 30th we could be finding some freshly - hatched peeps in her nest.

    My problem is a Delaware hen we were given. She keeps jumping in the nest and pecking around - we assume she's searching for extra snacks, since I give broodie a handful of seeds every morning. We have found missing eggs, and yesterday one egg had a peck hole, the chick was almost complete. eyes, feathers, and beak easily seen.
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    Nov 19, 2008
    I'd say your Delaware is an egg eater. I'd cull her.

    (I wonder if that's why she was free?)
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