Do hens just stop laying?

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    This is weird...
    I have a cross bred bantam hen, 1yr old. Hangs out with 2 lil roo's. Guessing the cross is OEGB and Ameraucana as she laid small green eggs. She started to lay in April thru the end of June and then nothing.
    I do let them out during the day, and she would go to her box to lay... she's just stopped!
    After not finding any eggs, I left them in for 2 weeks and still no eggs. Decided to let them back out in the yard for a few weeks and tried cooping them back up again...still nothing.
    I've monitored her for days trying to see if she was hiding them somewhere, nothing. I've searched the entire yard (which is quite open and mowed) still nothing. At first I thought it was because of the extreme heat that she stopped, but she's still not laying.
    Perfectly healthy happy lil hen, scratching for bugs and doing her thing, but no eggs. It's now almost september!
    Any ideas? suggestions?
    Do they just quit sometimes?
    I'm baffled!
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