Do hens nap?


5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
Is it common for a hen to nap several times on a sunny day? This isn't the usual sun bathing; she's just sitting quietly on the ground and occasionally closes her eyes. She is eating, drinking, and foraging most of the day. Egg production has slowed down a bit, but less than a week ago we rehomed a bully hen who had been picking on her for about 6 months (jumping on her back, picking feathers off her head). She is our most cautious hen, and we are hoping she finally is having a chance to just relax. She did lay a very nice egg today. Any thoughts? The sitting down is new.
She sat down alone several times today. Once another hen joined her. (We have three.) She seemed fine otherwise.
Dawg makes a good point, they do nap but they seem to do so mostly as a group. My flock has a pretty set schedule when it comes to their mid-morning and after lunch nap lol! One bird will generally start off and they all join, same with exiting the barn after naptime, one goes, they all go. So if I see a bird consistently not moving pretty much with the rest of the flock for more then a day that's when I start looking/watching a little closer.

If you think she does indeed seem to be slow check her for mites/lice and check her body condition, see if she's lost weight. Are they on a regular deworming schedule?
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