Do hens usually shun a molting sister?

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    Do hens usually shun a molting sister? They won't let her near the food. I give her some away from the others and they just gotta have that. They free range most of the day and leave her alone as long as she stays away from them. I feel so bad for her.
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    Apr 9, 2015
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    molting Gerty
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    Oh, she's a hot mess! They can look so bad in that state.

    Was she low hen before the molt?

    They don't feel so good when growing new feathers, especially with a hard molt like your girl is having, and can isolate themselves and rest a lot.
    They may be less inclined to defend their place in the pecking order.
    As long as she's not getting pinned down and beat up, I'd leave it all well alone....
    ....chickens can seem viciously 'mean', but someone will always be pecked by a higher ranking bird,the lower ranking birds don't really mind it's how their world works.

    But watch for bleeding pin feathers, you may have to intervene in that case.

    Maybe put out an extra feeder or spread the feed in multiple places on the ground.
    Make sure she's getting some extra protein to help grow those feathers out faster.
    Maybe put her in a wire crate in the run or coop a couple times a day and feed her.
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