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I've suspected one of our young "hens" is actually a roo. Although it has no spurs, and a small comb and wattles. Some of my known hens have larger combs than it. And I thought all roosters had spurs. It's around 4 months old I think. My wife called this morning and said she heard crowing coming from the run. Do hens ever crow like a rooster? And if it is a rooster, do I need to keep it separate from the hens if I want to eat the eggs? Thanks!
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Pictures would help people on this site advise you on the sex of your bird. Spurs don't usually start to show until the bird is much older and then the spurs continue to grow as the rooster ages. Sometimes a hen will assume the dominate role in a flock and mimic rooster behaviors including crowing but the crow won't be very loud and won't sound quite right. Having a rooster in your flock is for the purpose of having fertile eggs for hatching. He is not necessary for egg production. Fertile eggs are completely edible and doesn't affect the look or taste.



This is my suspect. Rooster?
I agree roo and a handsome one. Something to keep in mind is that roos usually don't start getting spurs until later on. Even hens can have small spurs!
LOL Only if you want too....We eat fertile eggs - ones from hens with roosters. It is basically exactly like eating one from hens with no roos.
Some don't like the thought though....

Now you can get an incubator and join us in hatching out chicks which is SOOOooooo fun!
Nice little EE roo! His comb's not that big because EEs typically have pea combs, which do not get that large.

I hope you can keep him around - it's not just for fertilized eggs that they are good for - they're also awesome protectors of the flock, gives the girls something to do!

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