Do I have a true Black copper maran rooster?


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Dec 4, 2018
Hi there I'm new to the chicken world and I purchased what was told was black copper marans I have a total of eight roosters and I'm trying to eliminate the rooster that does not carry the right treats for breeding. And wanted to know if I could get your help with choosing the best one


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The French Marans standard calls for feathered legs "Marans origin". As does the APA standard. Though you do see a lot of non-feather legged Marans here in the US. The Australian standard actually recognizes both feather legged and non-feather legged. So it depends on weather or not you are going to breed to standard on which way you go.

And you are correct, Marans should be white skinned. Some do have a dark wash over the legs but the back of the shanks and the bottom of the feet should be white/pink. Yellow legs should be culled for.


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Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

I agree with Gray farms and also wvduckchick... I have been breeding for a few years now and even think about giving them up recently since so many other breeds are soooo much easier as far meeting the standard goes. I love the breed itself and their temperament and hardiness!

I see one with some comb funk going on... I would want to weed out. And not sure about the dark looking eye color on one of the females being true or lighting. I have culled for incorrect eye color. Sorry, I know you didn't ask for any critique.. :smack:oops: BUT you seemed open. :highfive:

I feel like I might be seeing white in some of the ear lobes... and maybe a sprig on near the back on the less feather legged boy in the last pic?

Sometimes the birds with better leg feathers also have the center toe with some. I thing a clean center toe is correct. But with all things so far... I have to choose the best and work towards the rest... some things are easier to breed out than others. :barnie

To answer your question... yes, those look like true Marans boys. And not the worse I have seen. (Cruddy compliment). :love

I really valued the resource that WAS the Marans of America website, but seems no longer accessible recently. :(

Happy adventuring! :wee

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