Mar 28, 2018
Hi all. I bought 2 “rare mixed breeds” from the local farm store. Can anyone help me identify what breeds they might be? I’m pretty sure the black one is a bantam but I’m not sure about the yellow one. They were the same size when I bought them but the yellow one has outgrown the black one. The first picture is the white one next to ameracaunas. The second picture is the black bantam next to a normal sized maran.


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Could you get a better picture of them? Does the yellow one have muffed cheeks and what color are its legs? Does the small black one have feathered feet?
No feathered feet on the small black one. The black ones legs are orangish/yellow. The first picture is a comparison of what it looked like when I first got it compared to recently. The second picture is when I first got the yellow bantam(?) compared to last night. It’s legs are orangish/yellow too. I was intrigued by this one because it had dark stripes down it’s yellow back when it was very young. Now it seems to be turning white with black coloring on its wings.


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The small black one looks like a Barred Rock, not sure if it is bantam or not. Yellow one looks like it maybe an Easter Egger (which isn't a recongnized breed but often sold as Ameruacanas which are considered rarer I believe).
After rereading your first post I don't think it is a bantam. Is the yellow one growing normally (the same size as your other chicks at that age)? A bantam chick is smaller to begin with, so if the black one was the same size as the yellow one in the beginning then it probably is smaller or just growing slower. I hope that made sense :oops:. How much younger is the black one pictured next to the maran?

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