Do I have boys and one girl??

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Whispering Winds, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. These are my geese, I was told the big one when I bought them was the boy and the rest were girls. We don't think so. We think we have either 5 boys and one girl (one has no knob, and a completely different feather pattern on its neck, and its a BIG goose, but shorter and stockier than the others, with NO knob on its head, so we think a different breed was thrown in with the Chinese . ..) . Any help would sure be appreciated. They are mating in the water, but the one we suspected as the female is the one doing the breeding . . .we are really confused!!! [​IMG]


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    Hi whispering. Well, you´re quite right. One looks more Embden (2nd pic), and the others look chinese-type. The greylag-descended geese have the separated feather effect on their necks, the chinese look more velvety.
    In your last pic, I´d guess the embden-type is gander,and of the chinese-type, I´d guess that yu have another gander in there at least, but also, there are 2 that look a bit female to me.
    Post on the chinese thread to see what the experts say about the sexes...

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