Do I have roosters?


7 Years
May 23, 2012
Hello, I'm new to raising chickens. Last year we welcomed home 6 girls and loved them so much that this year we went and got 11 more. We got the "new" girls about 13 weeks ago and two of the Americanas are starting to look different than the others. They are much taller and their comb looks bigger. Both my husband and I have heard the white and black one crow but it was only one day and the brown one hasn't ever crowed. So, do I have 2 roosters?!
Yea those are two roosters. Every year I get a new batch of those and I can spot those little roosters no doubt. And to back it up you heard the wht/blk one crow so its def a boy. Tail feathers male as well.
Two EE roosters for sure. Sorry.
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