Do I have to get rid of my roosters?

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    Mar 27, 2009
    I am new to the whole rooster raising, I rescued 3 roosters from my work, this past winter and everything was great my family calls them the 3 muskateers. but I'am now concerned because all of a sudden they attacked each other, I dont have hens for them to fight over, were on 5 plus acres is it spring, and their hormones are flaring up? I truely need some help here, I love having them in my yard but I have to keep them seperated right now so they dont keep hurting eachother, I was told that I'd have to get rid of two of them, is this true? I'll do whatever I have to for the safety of the boys! I could sure use some advise. Am I over my head here? thankyou christal
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    Are they in the same coop together? I know of others on here that have more than one roo but I think they either have enough hens for them all to be happy or they have them free range. I only have one roo so I'm sorry I caouldnt help more but I'm sure someone will give a good answer.
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    i have 4 free range roosters. No hens with them, all my hens are in a coop. So the roosters come and visit through the chicken wire to say hi. Anyways. The first week they were fluffing up at each other, but no fighting. My roosters are an ee, 2 old english mutts and 1 mottled houdan. They all seem to get along now! 2 of them stick together, the others stay away. They dont roost together at night, they all go their own way.

    Maybe i got lucky? They sure are fun to see running around. I have 4 acres, and they like to come up by the house and say hi! LOL

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