Do I have two cockerels here?1


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
West Texas
Y'all were all so awesomely helpful the last time I had a question on gender that I'm back with more! I have two barnyard cross youngsters that I am unsure of the gender on. They are around four-ish months old, and I am thinking they are probably roosters, but wanted to get some second opinions before I send them to Freezer Camp. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

the one on the left is my Blue Andalusian pullet...they are the same age, but I can't remember exactly how old the are.
The darker one looks like a rooster, with the red patches on the wings the lighter one does to even though it doesn't seem to have much comb development right now.
The lighter one with brown red on its shoulders is almost without a doubt a boy. That patchy brown red color, especially on the wings and not evenly on the body is almost a sure sign of a rooster. The other I would say is also a rooster based on comb development and color. It has the same brown red color and although it's all over the body, it's uneven and patchy. Females will generally have a smooth, even coloring. I think they are both males.
I think that you have two cockerels. Both exhibit patchy coloring throughout the body, with red feathering on the wings. This is common coloration for male birds. The darker one also has a rather large pink comb. I expect that your other bird (the lighter one) will get a pinker comb as it becomes more dominant. It is probably lower in the pecking order, and this often slows down the maturing of cockerels.

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