Do i help the chick out?


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8 Years
Apr 2, 2011
this is my first hatch and my broody was sitting on 3 eggs. one of them has hatched and is all yellow and fluffy and a day or two old.

there is a pip in one of the eggs that has been there since yesterday and there was no change today. its only a small pip. what do i do?
I would wait and see and don't keep lifting mom up if there is a chick pipped as she needs to stay sitting to keep the membranes moist. A chick can pip and the rest for quite a while, I have had some in the bator that pip and don't hatch for 48 hours. The first chick is probably your early bird. Mom will keep sitting unless the chick isn't going to hatch in theory. I know its hard but sometimes you just have to wait a few days for everyone to hatch. Congrats on your first fuzz butt!
ok, we'll have to wait and see so. mum got off the eggs today for a couple of minutes several times today to come out of the coop but she left the chick in the coop and went back into the coop then after a few minutes. is this normal?

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