Do I need a roo?

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    Just my luck, as soon as we culled the slightly aggressive roo, I had the funds to make a run (instead of 100% free range then my son would play outside and get flogged). Now that one of our hens got taken by a predator -- now down to 2 of 4 of my 1st flock -- I'm started to wonder if I need a roo again. I currently have 2 week old chicks (not with the hens) and I want to ensure to most peaceful transition possible.

    The BR hen is my Houdini. No matter what modifications I make to the run, she ALWAYS manages to get out. Every time I put her back in, the RIR hen pecks at her head and body... she can be a real bully come feeding time too!
    Basically I want to know if adopting a roo back into the flock will make the RIR hen stop being so mean to the other one or if my BR will end up being picked on by TWO sources instead of one.

    I still have no idea why she's so eager to get out! She'll even stick by the coop sometimes or go free-range; she's always been my "free bird". [​IMG]
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    No guarantees, but I can tell you that my roo has calmed down a previously acrimonious coop.. I used to go out each night for the past year to lock up the coop and you could hear them pecking and squawking and fighting over top roost spot each night.. Now that the roo has matured, I go out there and everyone is sitting quietly on the roost - I was amazed!

    Of course with chickens, you never know. :)

    Even with a run, I would not tolerate an aggressive roo, especially with a kid around. Both of mine are gentlemen and any roo I have needs to respect people in and out of a run.
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